Nino Salukvadze

Olympic Champion of XXIV Olympic Games (1988, Seoul) and silver prize winner- shooting, bronze medalist of XXIX Olympic Games. The only Georgian athlete who participated in seven Olympic Games and obtained all three types of medals. World Champion in individual competition (1989) and six fold champion in team competitions (1986-87, 89-90- sport pistol and air pistol 1991), second (2002) and third (1986) prizewinner in individual competitions, nine times world Super Cup holder (1989-2010), 11 fold world record holder, fivefold European champion in individual and team competitions (1989-90,93), twice second (2005) and twice third (1999,2003) prize winner. Vice President of Georgian Shooting Federation. Recipient of the Order of Merit and V.Gorgasali Order of II and III grades.