The Story of a Champion

"History of a Champion" is the project consisting of 33 video films prepared with the GNOC initiative and direct financial support of the IOC Olympic Solidarity by the famous Georgian TV journalist Tamar Balavadze. "History of a Champion" is not a traditional TV project. It consists of 33 separate scenarios. It is 5 min. portraits with brief stories of their entire history. The project emphasizes major victories and pinnacle of the scenario which is the athlete's triumph at the Olympic Games!Each film was created based on the selected unique video and photo materials depicting Olympic and sport career of our Olympic champions. Video series contain interviews with the Olympic heroes, stories collected from their colleagues and specialists and many other interesting materials. The project is used for active popularization of the Olympic ideals in the country focusing on Olympic education of youth and children. This is a unique program serving the idea of mass involvement of new generation into the Olympic sports and further underpinning of the healthy life style. With this significant project successfully realized through diligent work and efforts of the project author and all professionals involved, Olympic movement in Georgia, sport society, public in general is now the owner of great legacy material describing past and present Olympic history of our 33 famous Olympic champions. The project realized includes Olympic history of champions starting from 1952, when Georgian athletes competed at the Olympic Games for the first time in the composition of the Soviet Union and until Beijing Summer Olympic Games in 2008. The project "History of a Champion" practically covers the whole history of the Georgian Olympic movement. It is prepared using unique archive materials, movie and video films collection of which was connected with the hard, careful work of all the specialists involved. As a result we now have excellent model of our Olympic legacy which will pass over to future generations.