33 Books about the Olympic champion

Georgian NOC in close collaboration with the Georgian Sport Writers Association prepared a significant project with the support of the IOC Olympic Solidarity publishing 33 books- portraits on all the Olympic champions from Georgia.

The publications are enriched with unique photo materials describing great champions sport success and leaving our young generation and future ones important legacy. The gallery books contain sport biographies of Georgian athletes' active and retired periods. This publication put the end to creation of the full gallery books on our current Olympic champions and it is strong basis for further reinforcement of Olympic movement and Olympic ideals in our country. Famous Georgian writers and sport journalists were involved in realization of this important project.

The implemented project carries a significant character not only by leaving strong legacy to our future generations, but it is of high educational value for Georgian youth, pupils, and students of highest universities. The publication is of high demand by our educational institutions. Schools, institutes and other educational organizations will use the publications for teaching youth and enriching their knowledge with the rich and significant Olympic history of Georgia describing names and moments of our athletes' sport heroism in the Olympic Games since 1952.