Sport & Environment Seminar

15 June 2016

With the initiative of Georgian NOC and in close collaboration with the Georgian Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection as well as Parliamentary Committee of the Environmental Protection the Seminar "Sport and Environment" was organized from 14th June 2016 at the NOC headquarters. The seminar brought together representatives and partners of the Olympic Movement. Noteworthy is great interest of the representatives from NSFs and regional sport organizations. The seminar covered key topics of the environment linked with sport. The speakers from the NOC, relevant Ministries and experts came up with rather important speeches on the environmental issues.

The major goal of the Seminar was to outline direct connection of sport to nature. A healthy environment is necessary for healthy sport. The First Deputy Minister of the Environment and Natural Resources Protection presented on the issues of energy consumption, air pollution, soil erosion and water and air pollution along with other environmental key topics.

The Seminar gave excellent opportunity for the NSFs, sport officials etc. to meet, share and exchange viewpoints setting new initiatives to be realized in future for sustainable development of the Olympic movement reinforcing links between sport and environment. The Conference made primary emphasize on the environmental policies in relation to enhancing the UNEP's role.

The participants adopted the Declaration with the number of actions and initiatives to be realized in future to enhance awareness on the links between sport & environment.