Founding Assembly of the Beach Sports National Association at the Georgian NOC

18 July 2017

On July 18th National Association of Beach Sports organized its Founding Assembly at the Georgian NOC headquarters with the participating representatives from the National Sport Federations, sport organizations and the delegates from various regions of Georgia.

The Founding Assembly was opened by Leri Khabelov, NOC President who debriefed the attendees on the  increased popularity of the beach sports worldwide and interesting initiative launched by the Association of the World NOCs (ANOC) to hold the first World Beach Games in San Diego, USA in 2019.

"We have to support this initiative and start preparations for the First Beach Games organized with the support of the International Olympic Committee. Georgia is the country of the sea and we know that many sport federations are making efforts to develop beach sports, especially as we have experience of participating in various competitions that will be good foundation for the development of beach sport as well. Hence, creation of the Beach Sports National Association will effectively serve this goal coordinating efforts from various sport federations, ensure necessary support for them and prepare national teams for diverse competitions amongst which priority is the World Beach Games" - outlined NOC President.

NOC Secretary General E. Zenaishvili provided the delegates with comprehensive information on the First World Beach Games. The meeting was followed by the elections. Delegates of the Assembly have unanimously elected Mr. Lasha Lomidze on the post of President of the Association. Vice Presidents, Secretary General and Executive Board composed of 9 persons were also elected accordingly at this gathering.