NOC awards ASMC diplomas to successful graduates

25 September 2018

On September 25, 2018 at the Olympic Museum of the Georgian NOC,  14 successful graduates of the 2018 Advanced Sport Management Courses from 9 NSFs were handed over the IOC Diplomas in Management of Olympic Sport Organizations.

Since 2015 total 140 participants of the 15 sports federations were actively involved in the ASMC Sessions. The recent courses were conducted during February-June 2018.

NOC First Vice President Elguja Berishvili and the legendary Olympic champion and prize winner, NOC Vice President Nino Salukvadze handed over the IOC Diplomas to the 14 successful graduates.

The Sessions were conducted within the defined timeframe during 2018 under supervision of the IOC certified Program Director Rusiko Aptsiauri and experienced sport experts.  Noteworthy is great interest and willingness from the NSFs, the State University of Physical Culture and Sport, other sport organizations to take part in the educational courses and improve their knowledge and experience in sport management. Like previous years Georgian NOC invited qualified facilitators and sport experts to cover the MOSO topics and all the key issues of Management of the Olympic sport organizations.

Advanced Sport Management Courses will allow the staff at OSOs to expand their managerial skills for successful operation of their activities and managing their organizations more effectively.

Advanced Sport Management Courses envisaged six modules covering the following topics:

Organising an Olympic Sport Organisation

Managing strategically

Managing human resources

Managing finance

Managing marketing

Organising a major sporting event

The text book, Managing Olympic Sport Organisations, developed in cooperation with MEMOS (Executive Masters in Sport Organisations Management), provides the primary content for the learning experience and is the framework for delivery of the courses. The material presented is taken from Olympic Sport Organisations throughout the world and represents a balance of sport management theory and practical examples, providing a rich and extensive database of applied material. By using this book in the Advanced Sport Management Courses, participants have opportunities to identify what is and is not appropriate for their organizations and learn how to specifically apply the information to improve their organisations.

The interest to the ASMC is still increasing and the Georgian NOC will proceed actively to transfer the knowledge in sport management to those sport specialists wishing to improve their managerial knowledge and experience.