The First Disappointment

26 July 2011

Over 1300 volunteers are serving the European Youth Olympic Festival in Trabzon but it does no good: on the one hand, none of them speaks English and on the other hand, they have no idea about the topography of the city. In short, the phrase - ‘I don't know' - is very popular with the volunteers. The case is somewhat different with catering - as you know, Turkish cuisine is one of the best in the world. And the canteen of the Olympic Village accommodates 700 persons.
The sporting venues are located far away from each other but the Judo sporting hall leads all records: it is situated in the village of Off, which is at a distance of 1 hour's drive from Trabzon.

The first disappointment for our delegation was the performance of our wrestler Vano Mamisashvili (55kg), European champion in Judo, who lost first to Byelorussian Dimitri Minkov and then to Ukrainian Pavlo Skopnenko in the finals.

Our lightweight Zviad Khubuluri failed to show anything promising. He did not win even a bronze medal.
The only good thing for the Georgian delegation was good refereeing of Georgian referee Vladimer Nutsubidze, whose good work was appreciated by the organizers of EYOF in Trabzon.

Today Georgian cyclists participated in a 9 km individual race. Among 96 participants, Beka Nareklishvili ranked the 81st and Dimitri Khosiauri was the 55th..
Swimmer Teimuraz Kobakhidze showed his skills in a 100 meter butterfly style race, collected 58.80 points and ranked the 16th. It gave him the chance to participate in the finals.

Yesterday, President of GEONOC Gia Natsvlishvili met with the President of European Olympic Committees Mr. Patrick Hickey. The discussed a number of points of mutual interest. Since Mr.Hickey is Georgia's good friend, he was sincerely upset by the failure of our athletes.