Jubilee of Two Ladies

02 August 2011

Today the Georgian National Olympic Committee hosted two distinguished ladies: Mzia Jugeli and Ketevan Losaberidze. The administration of GEONOC invited them to mark their birthdays. Both ladies are Olympic Champions: Mzia Jugeli won the title of the Champion in gymnastics at the Helsinki Olympic Games in 1952 and Ketevan Losaberidze became the Champion in Archery at the 1980 Moscow Olympics.

Today the renowned female gymnast Mzia Jugeli is 85 and accordingly, GEONOC congratulated her with the jubilee. ‘Today is the birthday of these distinguished ladies, whose name is well known in the sporting world. Their contribution to Georgian sports is invaluable. Dear ladies, I wish a long and happy life to you! You are the example for imitation for our young generation', President of GEONOC Gia Natsvlishvili addressed them.

‘Sport is everything to me; I have dedicated all my life to sports, first as an athlete and later, as a coach and a functionary. Thank you for giving to us the credit for, our merit', Mzia Jugeli said. Ketevan Losaberidze thanked the administration of the GEONOC as well.