Advanced Sport Management Courses "We always have something to bring to the common basket"

06 December 2018

On December 2018,  first Session of the ASMC was launched  at the Georgian NOC headquarters with the support of the IOC Olympic Solidarity. The following Sessions will be conducted within the defined timeframe during 2019.  The Course was conducted by the IOC certified Program Director. Participants were welcomed by the Vice President Mamuka Khabareli. NOC Secretary General E. Zenaishvili  the founding member of the NOC, person with the comprehensive knowledge and expertise on all the key issues of the Olympic movement delivered an interesting presentations to the participants on the Management of Olympic Sport Organizations.

The NOC invited experienced speakers from the State University of Physical Education and Sport, National Olympic Academy and other sport institutions who covered key topics envisaged by the MOSO.

Noteworthy is the increased interest of the NSFs , sport clubs and other sport organizations to increase their knowledge on the issues of management.  Advanced Sport Management Courses will allow administrators, sport officials, volunteers and paid staff at Olympic Sport Organisations to expand their managerial skills while actively contributing to a unique learning community. By developing and presenting case studies, sharing experiences, and studying the material presented in the text, course participants will learn how to implement change and ultimately manage their organizations more effectively.

The 2nd Session will be organized from 8th February 2019.