Association of Sporting Medicine Summed Up Year 2011

29 December 2011

At the end of year 2011 the Association of Sporting Medicine convened its traditional summary session. The attending members of the Association and the persons concerned discussed various topical issues.

The President of the Association Zurab Kakhabrishvili delivered the summary report and Professor Lela Maskhulia, M.D. talked about enhancing the operational integrity of young football players by the combined effect s of special medicinal treatment. The Vice President of the Association Valery Akhalkatsi referred to the new medicine - Nazohem, an effective remedy against nosebleed. The Chairman of Anti-doping Agency Pavle Kasradze presented his summary report.

Each of said report was followed by heated discussions. The conference touched the problem of establishing of a medical-rehabilitation center. It was pointed out that sporting medicine should be paid greater attention in Georgia. In other European countries the success in sports is closely connected with this branch of medicine.

The participants of the session also touched the topic of children's sport and in this connection they talked about the European Youth Olympic Festival, which shall take place in Tbilisi, in 2015. It was decided that the youngsters of corresponding age should be immediately brought under the control of the Association.

They also discussed international contacts and cited the fact when the Ukrainian Embassy actively participated in establishing closer sporting cooperation between Georgia and Ukraine.

At the end of the conference Zurab Kakhabrishvili and Valery Akhalkatsi awarded diplomas to the young doctors, who are providing medical services to the sports teams of Georgia.