The Early Bird of 2012 Is Lyuba Golovina

13 January 2012

Last year Georgian athletes won 10 Olympic Licenses. The first to join the race for the ‘London-2012' licenses, was trampoline jumper Lyuba Golovina, who has participated in the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 where she took the 6th place.

The Georgian athlete had the chance to gain the waybill for London at the Birmingham Trampolining Championship but an accidental mistake led her to loose the license. Lyuba corrected her slip-up today at the licensing tournament in London by winning the road waybill for the upcoming Olympic Games.

16 trampoline jumpers have been competing for the Olympic licenses in the capital of England but only 8 athletes succeeded in winning the certificates. By ranking the 3rd in the finals, Golovina earned the coveted license. Finally she took the 8th place in the tournament.

As of today, there are 11 Olympic licenses on the account of Georgian athletes.