Tatishvili vs. Vozniatski

16 January 2012

Georgian tennis player Ana Tatishvili's debut at the main tournament of Australian Open proved to be successful. Ana's current rating is No. 86. In the first circle of the Melbourne Grand Slam tournament she opposed Australian Ashley Barthy, who ranks 674th in the rating of Women's Tennis Association. Naturally, the Georgian athlete was viewed as a favorite; however she had a hard time overcoming the resistance of her 15 year-old opponent in the second set. While Ana defeated her rival with the score of 6:2 in the 1st set, the Australian athlete offered her a tough resistance in the 2nd set and Ana managed to pip at the post by 7:6.

Thanks to this victory Ana Tatishvili gained 100 rating points and she is bound to move up by 10 grades in the classification. It means that the Georgian tennis player got closer to the license for the upcoming London Olympic Games. If by summer Tatishvili manages to be among the 70 best players, she will be able to get the waybill for the Olympic Games.

Most probably, the next opponent of Ana Tatishvili in the 2nd circle of the Australian Open will be the 1st racquet among female tennis players Danish Caroline Vozniatski.