National Technical Courses for Tennis Coaches

23 September 2020

Despite created pandemic challenges Georgian NOC launched the National Technical Courses in Tennis with the request of the Georgian Tennis Federation and financial support of the IOC Olympic Solidarity. The activity was envisaged under 2017-2020 activities and was scheduled earlier, however Covid-19 lockdown hampered holding the courses on the initially agreed date.

With the efforts of the NF and NOC the Courses  commenced on 15th September and will complete by 26th September.  Total 21 coaches will improve their qualification during the courses. All the sessions both theory and practical are conducted observing WHO regulations to ensure distancing and safety of the participants. As a rule, the IFs appoint an international expert to conduct each technical course. However, this time due to special circumstances and challenges caused by Covid 19, a national expert was approved by the IF.

The technical courses are held in accordance with the rules established by the IFs, with a view to standardize as much as possible the training that coaches receive around the world. In this way, a common language for each sport and discipline is used by everyone, which guarantees a certain level of quality and performance for all NOCs and their national sports structures (NFs, coaches, athletes, etc.).

Technical courses offer NOC an opportunity to raise awareness among their coaches about certain specific aspects of Olympic Agenda 2020: protecting clean athletes, combating sports betting, non-discrimination, etc.

Participants of the Technical Courses will be awarded IOC Certificates.