Announcement of the Georgian NOC

30 January 2013

On January 30 Press Conference dedicated to the anti doping issues was organized at the Georgian NOC. The Press Conference was given by GNOC First Vice president Elguja Berishvili. Vice President Nino Salukvadze, Chief of Georgian Anti Doping Agency Paliko Kasradze and Chair of GNOC Anti Doping Disciplinary Council Shengeli Pitskhelauri. The conference emphasized that in 2012 total 9 Georgian athletes were disclosed in using prohibited substances which is actually an alarming signal. According to the information provided by the Georgian Anti Doping Agency during 2011-2012 there were several cases disclosed and proved for applying different prohibited medical substances by Georgian athletes. As a result of in-and-out of competition testing athletes were unveiled in doping usage and were sanctioned accordingly.

"Regretfully this is still the issue of the day. Statistical data of doping usage is increasing worldwide. 9 cases in a short period for such a small country like ours is alarming, therefore anti doping actions should be reinforced. "- says First Vice President.

"Anti doping activities indeed must be extended. Several our promising athletes were disclosed in doping usage and moved off active sport for several years. Specific preventive measures should be applied in order to exclude using banned substances,"- outlines Chief of Georgian Anti Doping Agency who confirmed that disclosed athletes were sanctioned with two-year disqualification and removed all titles.

Regretfully, despite our past hard experience when several well-known and promising athletes left active sport for life due to use of doping, still the problem remains active. Increasing and rather alarming statistics of doping usage convinces us that it is necessary to reinforce and extend anti doping activities, carry out specific preventive measures in order to exclude application of prohibited substances and procedures. Furthermore, it is crucial to disclose each fact of doping establishing adequate sanctions and organize wide discussions on this topic.

Georgian National Olympic Committee encourages National Sport Federations and clubs, doctors of sport teams, coaches and athletes to fulfill accurately requirements of the Anti Doping Code and protect fair play rules.