Summer Olympic Games

13 July 2012

Olympic sports history of Georgia starts from the 1950s of the XX Century when the Soviet government made a political decision to participate in International Olympic movement. This decision was followed by practical steps. On April 23, 1951 the USSR Olympic Committee was created. The same day a special telegram was sent from Moscow to Sigfrid Edström, the President of the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne: "Please note that the Olympic Committee has been founded in the Soviet Union. The USSR Olympic Committee agrees with the Charter of the IOC and announces its accession to the International Olympic Committee. We are informed that the IOC session will be taking place on May 3-6 and we would like to delegate our representatives. We kindly request you to telegraph us the agenda of the IOC session. Please, approve our accession to the IOC at the May session.

We request appointment of the Chairman of the USSR Olympic Committee Konstantin Andrianov as the IOC member. The address of the USSR Olympic Committee is: 4 Skatertni, Moscow. Sobolev will be the Executive Secretary from the USSR Olympic Committee". Edström's response was as follows: "We have received your telegram. You and Andrianov are kindly invited to the Great Hall of the Vienna Philharmonic at the opening ceremony of the session on May 6." Earlier, yet in 1948 before the London Olympics, Edström wrote a personal message to Avery Brundage, the second in command in the then IOC stating:"I am not going that far to get united with communists". In 1951, when the Russians submitted an official application, Edström had to turn backward and obeyed to the state of international political affairs. On May 7, 1951 the Vienna session accepted the USSR Olympic Committee as a member of the IOC. 31 members of the IOC agreed with and three members abstained on this proposal. It was decided that the Soviet athletes will be invited to both, the 1952 winter (Oslo) and summer (Helsinki) Olympic Games.

The first session of the USSR Olympic Committee held in Moscow on October 16, 1951, unanimously concluded that in 1952 Soviet athletes would participate only in the Summer Olympics and would get involved in winter games as well starting from 1956. So it happened. Koba Tsakadze, the ski jumper was the only Georgian athlete within the USSR team taking part in the Winter Olympic Games (1956, 1960, 1964, 1972), however 104 Georgian representatives were included into the Soviet Olympic delegation (1952-1988) and the so called United Team (1992) was represented at the Summer Games. Later started the period of Georgia's independent participation in the Olympic Games.