Sydney 2000

13 July 2012

XXVII Olympic Games, 15 September -1 October, 2000. Sydney, Australia.
Number of sports: 28
Set of medals: 300
Participating athletes- 10651 (including 4069 women) from 199 countries.

Governor-General Sir William Deane opened the Olympic Games in Australia.

Heroes of the Olympics were: Marion Jones (United States), Inge de Bruijn (Netherlands) and Ian Thorpe (Australia)

Olympic champion Nino Salukvadze, the shooter was the most experienced among the Georgian athletes who during her fourth Olympics failed to get closer to the results obtained in Seoul. Sydney Olympics was the third Olympics for 1992 Olympic Games bronze medalist in fencing Khatuna Kvrivishvili who moved to the United States and participated under Lorig's last name. It was the second time for the wrestler Eldar Kurtanidze, judokas Giorgi Vazagashvili and Giorgi Revazishvili, the shooter Nino Uchadze, the artistic gymnast Ilia Giorgadze and the Greco-Roman wrestler Koba Guliashvili to participate in the Olympic Games (it was the second visit of the weightlifter Mukhran Gogia in the Olympics capital as well however, like in Atlanta, he was unable to get involved into the competition due to the injury). Kurtanidze repeated his results achieved in Atlanta ranking 3rd again. The bronze medal were obtained also by Giorgi Vazagashvili, Akaki Chachua, Mukhran Vakhtangadze (last two Greco-Roman style wrestlers), Giorgi Asanidze (weightlifter), and Vladimir Chanturia (boxing). Adding two bronze medals won in Atlanta makes it clear why the debut of the independent Georgia was called the "Bronze Age".

A number of Georgian athletes in Sydney were representing other countries. Their number and results were higher and better compared to those of the Georgian team. The water polo player Revaz Chomakhidze (Russia) and the Greco-Roman style wrestler David Saldadze (Ukraine) became bronze medalists; The free-style wrestler David Musulbes (Russia) and the weightlifter Kakhi Kakhiashvili (Greece) became the Olympic Champions; The success of Kakhi Kakhiashvili (Greece) made him a three-fold Olympic Champion. His teammate Pyrros Dimas also became a three-fold Olympic Champion. With the successful performance they repeated achievements of Turkish Naim Süleymanoğlu.

Results of the Georgian Olympians - XXVII Olympic Games, Sydney. 36 participants. 6 bronze medals.
Giorgi Vazagashvili (judo) - III, Giorgi Asanidze (weightlifting) - III, Akaki Chachua (Greco-Roman wrestling) - III, Vladimir Chanturia (boxing) - III, Mukhran Vakhtangadze (Greco-Roman wrestling) - III, Eldar Kurtanidze (free-style wrestling) - III, Gennady Chkhaidze (Greco-Roman wrestling) - V, David Poghosyan (free-style wrestling) - VI, Ilia Giorgadze (artistic gymnastics, high bar) - VI, Iveri Jikurauli (judo) - VII, Rusudan Khoperia (trampoline) - VIII, Tariel Melelashvili (Greco-Roman wrestling) - VIII, Alex Modebadze (free-style wrestling) - X, Nino Salukvadze (shooting) - XI and XXV, Nestor Khergiani (judo) - repechage round, Koba Guliashvili (Greco-Roman wrestling ) - XIV, Guram Mchedlidze (free-style wrestling) - XIV, Alexander Tsertsvadze (Greco-Roman wrestling) - XV, Otar Tushishvili (free-style wrestling) - XV, Women's National Archery Team of Georgia - eighth-final, Teimuraz Khurtsilava (boxing) - eighth-final, Emzar Bedineishvili (free-style wrestling) - XVII, Valery Sarava (weightlifting) - XVII, Mirian Giorgadze (Greco-Roman wrestling) - XX, Inga Tavdishvili (rhythmic gymnastics) - XXI, Nana Nebieridze (diving) - XXVI, Nino Uchadze (shooting) - XXVIII and XXXIII, Khatuna Kvrivishvili (archery) - 1/32 finals, Khatuna Putkaradze (archery) - 1/32 finals, Asmat Diasamidze (archery) - 1/32 finals, Giorgi Revazishvili (judo) - first round, Giorgi Gugava (judo) - first round, Aleksi Davitashvili ( Judo) - first round, Tamar Shanidze (athletics) - qualifying tournament, Ruslan Rusidze (athletics) - qualifying tournament, Zurab Beridze (swimming) - qualifying race, Mukhran Gogia (weightlifting) - injury.