Salt Lake City 2002

13 July 2012

Like in Nagano, there were 4 athletes representing Georgia in Salt Lake City. Sophiko Akhmeteli again was the flag bearer who took part in slalom and regretfully again left the tournament with disqualification. Robert Makharashvili was participating in slalom as well and was also disqualified like Akhmeteli. Kakha Tsakadze, who decreased his results from games to games, this time ended up 58th in ski jumping from the 90 meter jump and finished with no ranking at the 120 meter jump tournament. There was one interesting record broken by Koba and Kakha Tsakadze, the father and the son: they had been taking part in 7 Winter Olympic Games starting from 1956 to 2002. Among Georgian representatives in Salt Lake City only the figure skater Vakhtan Murvanidze achieved the best result ending up 17th in singles. The Georgian athlete, though representing Russia, became the Winter Olympic Games Champion first time in Salt Lake City. This sportsman was Anton Sikharulidze from Saint Petersburg.