Beijing 2008

13 July 2012

11028 participating athletes from 204 countries.
The Games opened by the President of the People's Republic of China Hu Jintao.
Heroes of the Olympics: Michael Phelps (USA), and Usain Bolt (Jamaica)

15 thousand people were taking part in the inauguration ceremony of the Olympics where a centuries-old Chinese culture was mainly presented. 91 thousand people who were gathered at the stadium and up to 4 billion TV viewers were watching this eye-catching performance. The Olympics opening day coincided with the day of starting the war between Russia and Georgia which along with the Olympics also captured the worldwide attention. Small group of members of the Georgian delegation and sports journalists from Georgia held an action of protest in front of the embassy of Russia in Beijing being broadcasted by all leading media in the world. The demonstrators were surrounded by Chinese security officers and were not allowed to move.

Despite the severe psychological trauma caused by the war, Georgian athletes' participation was quite successful - they won three gold and three bronze medals and earned 27th place in the overall medal standings among 204 countries. Manuchar Kvirkvelia (Greco-Roman wrestling), Irakli Tsirekidze (Judo) and Revaz Mindorashvili (freestyle wrestling) became the Olympic champions.

Achievements of the Georgian Olympians

XXIX Olympics, Beijing. 35 participants. 3 gold and 3 bronze medals, Manuchar Kvirkvelia (Greco-Roman wrestling) -I, Irakli Tsirekidze (Judo) -I, Revaz Mindorashvili (freestyle wrestling) -I, Nino Salukvadze (shooting) - III and XVI, Otar Tushishvili (freestyle wrestling) - III, Giorgi Gogshelidze (freestyle wrestling) - III, beach volleyball, men (Renato Gomes, Jorje Terceiro) - IV, Arsen Kasabiev (weightlifting) - IV, Lomer Zhorzholiani (Judo) - V, Lasha Gujejiani (Judo) - V, Luba Golovina (trampoline) - VI, Albert Kuzilov (weightlifting) - VI, Khatuna Narimanidze (archery) - IX, beach volleyball, women (Cristine Santanna, Andrezza Chagas) - eighth-finals, Besarion Guchashvili (freestyle wrestling) -round III, Nikoloz Izoria (boxing) - round II, Nestor Khergiani (Judo) - round II, David Kevkhishvili (Judo) - round II, Lasha Gogitidze (Greco-Roman wrestling) - round II, Ramaz Nozadze (Greco-Roman wrestling) - round II, Gela Sagirashvili (freestyle wrestling) - round II, Kristine Esebua (archery) - XXVIII, David Ilariani (Athletics) -qualifying round II, Mariam Kevkhishvili (Athletics) - XXX, Kakhaber Zhvania (boxing) - round I, Zaza Kedelashvili (Judo) - round I, Saba Gavashelishvili (Judo) - round I, David Bedinadze (Greco-Roman wrestling) - round I, Badri Khasaia (Greco-Roman wrestling) - round I, Ilia Giorgadze (gymnastics) - qualifying round I, Ana Salnikova (swimming) - XXXXVII, Irakli Revishvili-(swimming 200m freestyle)-ranked 54.