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Shota Kveliashvili

Sport Category



1964 Tokyo, Japan - Silver


Born on 01.01.1938 in Tbilisi – died on 25.04.2004, Tbilisi, Shooting.

Second-prize winner of the XVIII Olympic Games in individual competition (1964, Tokyo), Participant of the XIX Olympic Games (1968, Mexico City – IV place), three-fold European Champion (1959 – team competition, 1969 – individual and team event), Winner of the World Competition among youth (1958), three-fold USSR Champion (1961, 1964, 1968), three-fold second-prize (1961, 1963, 1968) and a third-prize winner (1959, 1963, 1967), second-prize winner of the II and III USSR PeoplesSpartakiads(1959 – individual event, 1963 – team competition), third-prize winner of the III and IV Peoples Spartakiads (1963, 1967 – both in individual competition), Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, International CategoryReferee. Member of the International Shooting Federation (1982-1992), Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sports of the Sport Academy (1988-2004). Recipient of the Order of Honor.