Olympic Day & All generation Georgian Olympians Forum

24 June 2018

On 23 June,  2018 with the initiative of the Georgian National Olympic Committee  all generation Olympians (1952-2018) gathered at the Rustaveli Theatre representing  total 395 Olympians in 27 sport who won 126 medals in 21 sports including 39 gold.

The Forum was dedicated to two significant events, namely 100th anniversary of the creation of the first Democratic Republic of Georgia and 70th anniversary of the International Olympic Day.

Olympic champions, prize winners, all generation Olympians, their family members took part in these important events. Georgian NOC invited honorary guests from the EOC, WOA, ISOH and NOCs. Members of the Georgian Parliament, Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze, Minister of Sport and Culture Mikheil Giorgadze  attended the Forum expressing their high appreciation to the great contribution of Georgian Olympians who made the Olympic history of the country.

The Olympians and all the participants of the Forum were welcomed by the IOC President Thomas Bach with his inspiring video message. "You have every reason to be proud today. Your Olympic athletes are the best ambassadors for your country. Through their performances at the Olympic Games they have put Georgia firmly on the map of the sport in the world. Their success, your success brought so much pride and joy to everyone in Georgia".

NOC President, Olympic Champion and prize winner Leri Khabelov gave a warm speech confirming the esteem and appreciation to the Georgian Olympians.

„We are witnesses and participants  of the great historic event now- so many Olympians, the starts of Georgian sport has gathered here under one roof" -said the President- " this day will become a significant page in the sport history as  clear proof  of the unity of all generation Olympians.

Vice President of the EOC Mr. Niels Nygaard mentioned in his speech:  "Georgia has a great history and tradition of Olympic sport, and many excellent results have been achieved throughout the years. The Olympic values are also important to strengthen sports participation for everybody. When you practice sport, you feel better, you get a better life and you get more friends."

All Olympians were awarded with the special trophy of the NOC created on occasion of this special date.

Another important event was the Olympic Day. The Olympic Run was organized in the capital Tbilisi and other big cities throughout Georgia.  Total over 3000 people were actively involved in the Olympic Run and Olympic Day events with the youngest 6-year-old and the oldest 72 year-old participants. It was a wide scale celebration containing several sports activities, actions and entertainments. It was another excellent opportunity to encourage our society to lead healthy lifestyle and promote the role of sport.  

Newsly elected Prime Minister of Georgia Mamuka Bakhtadze hosted all generation Olympians in his headquarters another day of the Forum to pay a tribute to their great contribution made to the Georgian sport.

Both the Forum and The Olympic Day were widely covered by mass media sources of Georgia.