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Leila Meskhi

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1992 Barcelona , Spain - Bronse


Born on 05.01.1968, Tbilisi, Tennis.

First professional tennis player of Georgia. Third-prize winner of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games in doubles (together with Natalya Zvereva). Champion of the USSR (1989),ranked amongthe top twenty women players of the world in 1990-1991. The best world ranking position  - 12th (August 1991). Participated in 23 Grand Slam tournaments (won 33 out of 56 matches).Played Davis Cup 9 matches (5 representing USSR, and 4 representing Georgian team). Winner of 5 tournaments: Nashville (USA) – 1989; Oakland (New Zealand) and Moscow (USSR) – 1990; Wellington (New Zealand) – 1991; Hobart (Australia) – 1995. She won 223 matches out of total 357. Tennis Academy after her name was founded in Tbilisi in 1995. President of the Georgian Tennis Federation since 1998. Holder of the Order of Honor.