01 August 2011

Young Georgian Olympians Are Back

Our young Olympians, who participated in the European Youth Olympic Festival in Trabzon, returned to Georgia, bringing 1 Golden, 1 Silver and 4 Bronze Medals.

29 July 2011

Three Medals of Each Sample

On the penultimate day of competitions at the EYOF in Trabzon Georgian athletes won three medals of each sample - gold, silver and bronze.

27 July 2011

First Medals at EYOF in Trabzon

Yesterday the mood of our judo coach Giorgi Vazagashvili improved slightly, when his trainees won 2 bronze medals.

26 July 2011

The First Disappointment

Over 1300 volunteers are serving the European Youth Olympic Festival in Trabzon but it does no good: on the one hand, none of them speaks English and on the other hand, they have no idea about the topography of the city.